Its subtitle is The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics. Together is the last book by Richard Sennett. N2 - Living with people who differ-racially, ethnically, religiously, or economically-is the most urgent challenge facing civil society today. Thus Sennett lays out the bare bones of an argument he will spend another 350 pages fleshing out. Together by Richard Sennett; Art Review; 2012; Back to Index. Two books into a trilogy that he calls “the homo faber project”, the sociologist and philosopher Richard Sennett is revealing just what an ambitious task he has set himself. As a writer, Mr. Sennett has sought to reach a general, intelligent audience. $10.00. AU - Sennett, Richard. In his most ambitious book to date, Richard Sennett offers an original perspective on craftsmanship and its close connections to work and ethical values. The Craftsman , Richard Sennett, 2008, Self-Help, 326 pages. TY - BOOK. It is no less than to investigate the … PY - 2012. The first volume, The Craftsman (2009), was about the skills of making, and the delight of doing T2 - The rituals, pleasures and politics of cooperation. is the last book by Richard Sennett. Together: The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation (2012) is the second volume in a trilogy of books about the skills required for getting on in everyday life. He teaches at NYU and LSE, and has written a number of books on work culture, including The Corrosion of Character, The Personal Consequences of Work In the New Capitalism (2000), The Craftsman (2008), and Together: The Rituals, Pleasures, and Politics of Cooperation (2012), which focuses on cooperation. “The thesis of this book…is that blatant signs of an unbalanced personal life and empty public life have been a long time in the making. Sennett contends that cooperation is a craft, and the foundations for skillful cooperation lie in learning to listen well and discuss rather than debate. Knopf. Dive deep into Richard Sennett's The Craftsman with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. 206 pp. They are the results of a change that began with the fall of the ancien régime and the formation of a new capitalist, secular, urban culture.”. Bonds of Cliché. Respect in a World of Inequality , Richard Sennett, Jan 17, 2004, Social Science, 304 pages. by Richard Sennett. In Together he explores how people can cooperate online, on street corners, in schools, at work, and in local politics. Y1 - 2012. His first book, The Uses of Disorder, [1970] looked at how personal identity takes form in … Its subtitle is The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics. Richard Sennett’s . The materials accompanying the publication of this new book by Richard Sennett, a sociologist by training and now a professor of humanities at New York University, describe him as “one of the most brilliant and provocative of American thinkers—a master of the complicated interplay between politics and psychology.” Authority. For half a century he has been researching and describing modern society, work under capitalism, urban space; Works such as “Decay and End of Public Life: The Tyranny of Intimacy” or “The Flexible Man” are … One can guess off the top of one's head that the author will deal with Marx (the rituals of work), Freud (the pleasures of being together) and Weber (the political act). T1 - Together. Richard Sennett is one of today's most important sociologists. We’ve discounted annual subscriptions by 50% for COVID-19 relief—Join Now! As a social analyst, Mr. Sennett stands at the end of a long line of pragmatist thought, stretching from Richard Rorty back to William James. Born in Chicago in 1943, Richard Sennett is a writer and a sociologist. Together (2012, London: Penguin Books, 324 pgs.)