Learning spaces, computer pools and institute libraries that have already reopened will remain in use, but access to learning spaces is only permitted if you sign-up in advance. Please be patient with any open questions and continue to inform yourself regularly on our Corona webpage as well as in C@MPUS, ILIAS [de] and on your study program websites. Protective masks for students or business partners of the University cannot be provided at present. However, to keep the virus under control, we still need to detect any resurgence of the disease. Vacation that has already been approved can be modified or withdrawn only for important reasons and not unilaterally by either the employee or the employer. Will I be disadvantaged in terms of when I receive my Bachelor and Master's graduation certificate, if the graduation ceremony is cancelled? We will provide you with further information and offers. Only the examiner, observer, keeper of the minutes and the examination candidate may be present for the exam. From now on, an extended working time regulation applies. Wolfsburg (dpa) - Wenige Stunden vor dem Anpfiff der Partie gegen den VfB Stuttgart hat der VfL Wolfsburg zwei weitere positive Corona-Fälle öffentlich gemacht. homepage of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Extended rules for employees who need to care for their children at home. The institutions are required to give priority to these applications for working time compensation or leave and to comply with the wishes of the employees if there are no official reasons not to do so. Furthermore, examiners and assessors must also agree to the examination being conducted via video conference. Am I able to enter Germany? If you struggle to pay the rent please contact your landlord to discuss a payment plan. Due to the fact that infection prevention regulations cannot be complied with in the case of examinations involving a large number of participants, viewings of graded exams with a group size of more than 20 persons are still not possible. In accordance with contact restrictions specified in the, All events, gatherings and other get-togethers of more than five people are strictly forbidden in university buildings, The university libraries in the city center and in Vaihingen, as well as the subject-specific and institute libraries will remain, The central computer pools and decentral computer pools will remain, All immediate measures implemented by the University of Stuttgart on March 16 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus still apply and have been, In calendar week 18 (April 27 - May 3, 2020), the rectorate will issue a compilation of. In this extraordinary situation, in your and our interest temporarily we will avoid original documents in many cases. Everyone is welcome to pose questions or formulate ideas, which can then be answered or discussed by the other participants. To do this, please use the new central email address for corona questions: corona-info@uni-stuttgart.de. The directors of these facilities and institutions must activate their emergency planning. Jointly!" Please note the extended enrollment deadline for Master’s programs: Please remember to update your address in the C@MPUS portal to your German address. Regardless of the need for childcare, the university has adjusted the leave of absence options for employees. The Rectorate at the University of Stuttgart has taken the decision to extend the mandatory use of face masks to cover not only all corridors and transitional spaces in university buildings, but also all university premises outside of the buildings. Use warm water with a temperature of approx. However, parents may not claim compensation for the same period of time, because the second parents is also a reasonable childcare alternative. the important home office information for, Accessing business e-mail and setting up e-mail clients, Accessing business e-mail and setting up Outlook, Access to specialized applications such as SVA and SAP, Notes on device allocation/borrowing devices and ZVD support. For instructions please visit the TIK website. Oral and written examinations will generally be held on-site at the university. For the session starting in the winter semester 2021/2022, the C@MPUS portal of the University of Stuttgart will be open for MIP online-applications as a self-financing student from August 1st, 2020 until February 15th, 2021. International students can find information concerning residence permit, financial support, contact persons and social activies. There are new FAQs on exams, including homework, final papers, exam insights, as well as on enrolment, fees, contributions and orientation internships for student teachers. International students will find information concerning residence permits, financial support, contact persons, social activities and sports. Important: Irrespective of this, the substitute written examinations for winter semester 2019/2020 will start as planned on Monday, May 11, 2020. uni-stuttgart.de/io Study and administrative fees: Currently there are no exceptions to the study and administrative fees due to the Corona crisis. As was often the case in the past, forms and further relevant documents for the finalization or extension of employment contracts can also be sent by e-mail from a university e-mail address to the person responsible in the Division 4 – Personnel and Legal Affairs. I arrived in Germany without a visa and the 90 visa free days are almost over. Please read the Rectorate’s decision on temporary recommendations on working from home. Da diese Jobs seit Ausbruch der Corona … There is no obligation to use a home office; it is a discretionary decision. Have been or are in contact with someone infected with the corona virus in the last 14 days, or, Who have symptoms of a corona virus infection, such as fever, a dry cough, or an inhibited sense of taste or smell. Term papers and final theses that require the use of a special laboratory or workspace at the university. Special leave, unpaid. And when must I stay at home? The original document must be sent by post to the Division 4 – Personnel and Legal Affairs. ", Advice from the Occupational Medical and Health Service, Current information by the Federal Government, Statement by Chancellor Angela Merkel from the German government, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs [de], State Health Office of Baden-Württemberg [de], DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) [de]. Thank you for your support and your flexibility during this special time. Only examiners, assessors, minute takers and examination candidates attend the examinations. This especially applies to the following examinations: Exams that are part of final module examinations and course examinations. The same applies to mandatory laboratory internships that were approved by the study commissions according to the new version of the Corona Guidelines for the winter semester 2020/21, provided that a risk assessment has been prepared for them and the requirements of the University of Stuttgart's hygiene concept are met. In cases of particular hardship (e.g. If, under these conditions, viewings of the examinations can only be offered to a limited number of candidates, priority must be given to the following students via a registration procedure: students who are threatened with unenrollment because of the loss of right to admission to examination, who wish to review the written examination before an oral continuation examination or for whom the next repeat examination is the last attempt to pass the exam. Online orders are still possible. The institute libraries will remain closed. As of April 24, the University of Stuttgart has decided that university employees are essential if. "We take care of each other", is how Jan Gerken, chancellor at the University of Stuttgart, characterizes how students, researchers and employees are dealing with the corona risks in the winter semester 2020/21. Due to the current pandemic the journey to Stuttgart might be more complicated than usual. Already opened learning rooms, computer pools and institute libraries may continue to be used, provided that access to the learning places is only granted after registration. Corona und Bibliotheken (Auflistung), Stand: 15.03.2020 (21:07 Uhr) – Bibliothekarisch.de bei PC-Pool der UB geschlossen; Archive. What are the rules for emergency childcare? Students who have registered for an examination may only participate if none of the above points apply to them, and to whom the access ban does thus not apply. When do the access and participation bans apply in examinations and teaching events? The quarantine lasts for 14 calendar days or, usually, 10 working days. There are updated FAQs for employees on special paid leave for parents who need to care for their children (Kinderbetreuungsbedarf), leave rules, protective masks, occupational health and safety standards, and closure of buildings. What should I do? Three new annexes to the hygiene concept are available in English: An information sheet on protective masks, an order form for protective masks, and sample risk assessment and process description for practical courses. working from home), the form specifications, particularly in terms of budgeting policies, are fulfilled when the official responsibilities (factual accuracy, correct calculations, thematic authority) are documented via e-mail. What is the cancellation policy for Deutschen Bahn? Your supervisor will insist that you to work from home for 14 days. For further information, please see the FAQ on the delivery of multi-functional devices. This new rule will come into effect at the same time as other provisions from the city of Stuttgart, which has decided to implement new measures to fight the pandemic in the state capitol after an increase in Corona cases to an incidence of 70.0 over the past seven days. 4 the “Verordnung des Sozialministeriums zu Quarantänemaßnahmen und Testungen für Ein- und Rückreisende zur Eindämmung des Coronavirus" (Guidelines from the Ministry of Social Affairs on quarantine measures and testing for people arriving in or returning to the area, to prevent the spread of the corona virus) in the current version from 17.10.2020. Up to and including May 31, 2020, there will be no classroom courses in University sports. In order to reduce the risk of infection, in association with the examinations (i.e. When can I work from home and when should I get a doctor’s note? If unenrollment is carried out up to one month after November 2, 2020 then you will be able to receive a refund for the fees listed above. You’ll find his contact in the moving-letter sent to you by Studierendenwerk Stuttgart or VSSW, Complete the formalities regarding health insurance, residence registration and enrollment at the university. To protect against the spread of the corona virus, there is a general ban on people entering the building. The state government has decided that an individual standard study period applies to all students who are enrolled at university in the summer semester 2020. Online courses of the The Language Center, Meetings, gatherings, use of office rooms, Corona Ordinance of the state Baden-Württemberg, Richtlinie für Bewirtungs- und Repräsentationsausgaben der Universität Stuttgart [de]. The current version of the Corona Ordinance of the state Baden-Württemberg and the University of Stuttgart’s hygiene concept are an important part of any decisions made about work-related events that take place outside of the university premises. Please contact the Examination Office. In preparation for the summer semester 2020 with digital teaching, teaching staff at the University of Stuttgart can now book lecture halls and record their lectures. This deadline begins at the end of the day when the person in question is informed that the business trip will not be taking place. Given these circumstances, the conduct of an exchange program which mainly aims on facilitating in-person encounters and intercultural experiences is not possible at all. To study at a German university, both EU and non-EU citizens must furnish proof of health insurance. Instructions: How to start Webex as a host. Registration lists must be drawn up for visitors. 0711/6569607004 stuvus - Studierendenvertretung Universität Stuttgart Helferpool von freiwilligen Studierenden für diverse Dienstleistungen www.stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de corona@stuvus.uni-stuttgart… The declaration of consent [de] form provided by the university must be used for this purpose. Travelers or institutes/facilities must not allow any fees that have already been paid to be used as credit for any event that might take place at a later date. Due to the pandemic, the legal situation can change at short notice. Here are the, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, Additional programs & further education during studies, Femtec: Study-related career development for female students, Deans of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, StartScience: Mentoring Program for Female Students, Maternity protection and flexible studying, Social counseling for international students, International students: Financing your studies, Special programs for international students, Formalities during your course of studies, Studying with a disability or chronic illness, Non-contribution periods for pension insurance, Tuition fees (international students and second degree), *** Subsite für englische Inhalte www.student.uni-stuttgart.de, Latest news at the University of Stuttgart, General information about travel restrictions, Travel restrictions by the Federal Police, State government’s quarantine regulations, FAQ regarding corona testing when travelling to Germany, website regarding first steps in Stuttgart, enrollment deadline for Master’s programs, Registration at the city of Stuttgart (Bürgerbüro), Services of the International Office at the IZ, scholarships and financial support for international students, Interim financial aid by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, Exemption for tuition fees for students with Non-EU citizenship, Political and legal information about the current situation, Current information by the Federal Government.